How to Remove a Secondary Manager from a Cluster?

To remove a secondary manager from a cluster, do the following:

  1. Uninstall the secondary manager.
  2. Next, edit the eg_managers.ini file in the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\manager\config directory of the primary manager. This file consists of individual sections containing details about each of the managers in the cluster. For example, if is one of the managers in the cluster, then a section headed [] will be present in the eg_managers.ini file. Once a secondary manager is uninstalled, remove the section corresponding to that manager from the eg_managers.ini file.
  3. A section titled [SECONDARY] will also exist in the eg_managers.ini file. This section lists all the secondary managers in the cluster. Remove the entry corresponding to the uninstalled secondary manager from this list.
  4. Then, save the eg_managers.ini file and restart all the managers in the cluster.
  5. If any agents report measurements to the uninstalled secondary manager, then using the eG administrative interface (Agents -> Assign to Manager menu) assign such agents to another manager.


    To remove a primary manager from a cluster, the secondary manager should be converted into a primary manager.