About the Microsoft AVD Broker

The AVD Connection Broker manages user connections to virtual desktops and remote apps. The Connection Broker provides load balancing and reconnection to existing sessions.

This means that even the smallest of issues with the health and operations of the AVD broker service can delay / deny users access to critical apps/desktops. Some common issues that users often complain about include the sudden inaccessibility of the broker service, unexpected unavailability of host pools, desktop connection failures, ill health of session hosts, poor user logon experience with desktops/apps etc. If these issues are not caught and eliminated quickly, they can significantly delay or inexplicably halt the delivery of the AVD service. This is why, it is very important that the AVD broker is monitored.

Using eG Enterprise, administrators can:

  • Continuously monitor the broker service;

  • Be instantly alerted to current/potential abnormalities in connection brokering;

  • Urge administrators to intervene and find a quick solution to the problems;

  • Enable administrators to take the right corrective action, and pre-empt any damage to the delivery of or user experience with the AVD service