Why is eG Enterprise Ideal for Monitoring the Microsoft Azure App Service?

eG Enterprise provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for the Microsoft Azure App Service. The eG Monitor for the Microsoft Azure App Service keeps an eye out for issues that can impact the user experience with the service and the applications deployed on it. Alerts are sent out if the Azure cloud hosting the service is inaccessible or if inconsistencies are noticed in the performance of applications deployed on the service. Moreover, since the Azure App Service is a popular platform for .NET-based business applications, the eG Monitor offers useful insights into the performance of such applications and the transactions to them. In the process, the Monitor turns the spotlight on slow transactions and the factors causing the slowness. Additionally, the Monitor also closely observes the performance of the work processes running on .NET CLR, and highlights those processes that are performing poorly. This can reveal problem areas to you well before users notice any significant performance dips, thereby enabling you to resolve the issues and avert disasters.