What is Microsoft Azure Load Balancer?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based unified endpoint management platform that empowers IT to manage, assess, and protect apps and devices from one console. Intune provides a comprehensive set of features including device management, application management, information protection, and more.

In recent times, as many organizations support hybrid and remote workforces, they are challenged with managing different devices that access the organization's resources. Employees and students need to collaborate, work from anywhere, and securely access and connect to these resources. Administrators need to protect the data of their organization, manage end user access, and support users from wherever they work. Microsoft Intune helps administrators overcome these challenges and tasks.

Figure 1 : Overview of Microsoft Intune

Why Monitor Microsoft Azure Intune?

If the endpoints managed by Microsoft Azure Intune are non-compliant or are error-prone, it will affect the experience of the user accessing the infrastructure from the endpoints. At the same time, from an administrator's point of view, lack of visibility into such endpoints may hinder troubleshooting. Administrators often spend hours troubleshooting in the datacenter when the real issue is on the endpoints. Therefore, proactive monitoring of endpoints managed using Microsoft Intune can help IT administrators take preemptive action to improve user experience to a great extent.