Monitoring Microsoft Azure Load Balancers

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Microsoft Azure Load Balancers model for monitoring the load balancing activities in Microsoft Azure.

Figure 1 : Layer model of a Microsoft Azure Load Balancers component

The layer in Figure 1 is mapped to a single test that report metrics on data traffic and the health probe status of the application instances. Using the metrics reported by this test, administrators can find accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • Is the data path from within a region to the load balancer front end is stable?

  • Is the health-probing status that monitors the application endpoint's health is unsteady?

  • Is the amount of data transmitted and the data packets processed are suitable for load balancing?

  • Is the count of SNAT connection and the SNAT ports utilized per backend instance are adequate for load balancing?

  • Is the current Provisioning state of Load Balancer has failed?

  • Is the count of frontend IP configurations, backend pools, health probes and load balancing rules are suitable for load balancing?