How Does eG Enterprise Monitor Azure Subscriptions?

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Microsoft Azure Subscription model to monitor a single Azure subscription. To collect metrics from the target subscription, eG Enterprise employs an agentless monitoring approach - i.e., it uses an eG remote agent deployed on any Windows/Linux host/VM in the environment. This eG remote agent communicates with the monitored Azure subscription using Java API calls, and gathers a wealth of performance statistics related to that subscription - this includes statistics on resource consumption, billing, service status, health of individual services used by the subscription, and many more. With the help of these metrics:

  • Cloud administrators can detect, diagnose, and resolve performance deficiencies in the cloud environment, well before they impact the experience of cloud consumers;

  • Cloud providers can closely monitor how a subscription uses the cloud services and resources, so they can plan resource allocations and set resource quotas accordingly; this way, the cloud service providers can ensure that user requests do not get throttled for want of additional resources;

  • Cloud consumers can monitor their monthly cloud spend and determine how to optimize resource consumption, so as to minimize costs;