The Azure Infrastructure Layer

Using the tests mapped to this layer, you can:

  • Promptly detect if the Azure cloud is accessible or not over HTTP/S, and if so, how responsive it is to requests;

  • Determine whether/not the target subscription is enabled;

  • Isolate the inactive resources in that subscription;

  • Find out which resources belong to which resource group;

  • Quickly identify services that are about to exhaust their resource quotas;

  • Be alerted if the Azure Resource Manager API is inaccessible;

  • Know the number and names of services in a Critical/Warning state;

  • Proactively detect processing bottlenecks in a Key Vault and rapidly diagnose the root-cause of the bottleneck;

  • Identify the resource providers with which the target subscription is registered / not registered / unregistered;

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the Azure Infrastructure layer