Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics AX

eG Enterprise provides a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics AX monitoring model that proactively detects and promptly alerts users to issues in the performance of the Dynamics AX solution.


Figure 1 : The layer model of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution

Each layer in Figure 1 is mapped to a set of tests, which employ agent-based or agentless techniques to extract critical performance statistics from the AX solution. These metrics provide answers to the following key question:

  • Is the AX server overloaded with requests?
  • Is the server able to process the requests quickly?
  • Has the AX Enterprise portal encountered any .NET business connector exceptions? If so, how many, and of what type?

Since the last 5 layers of Figure 1 have been discussed in-depth in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document, this chapter will be discussing the top layer alone.