Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Server

eG Enterprise provides a specialized Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 monitoring model that reports the following key statistics that aid the administrators to identify the efficiency and performance of the server:

layer model

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 server

Using the metrics so collected, eG Enterprise answers the following questions accurately:

  • The number of unsuccessful authentication requests made to the server;
  • The number of authentication requests that were processed;
  • The number of authentication requests that failed to process;
  • How many authentication requests were processed/failed to process when processed using the authentication credentials of the Microsoft account, claim based authentication etc.,
  • How many email incoming email messages in the email router instance were potentially corrupted?;
  • How many incoming email messages were not delivered successfully?;
  • How many times the email router service configuration was refreshed?;
  • Was there a glitch in loading the service provider? If so, how many times the service provider did not load on the email router instance?;
  • The total number of cache flush requests that were successfully received for the locator service;
  • How many router requests that actually timed out?;
  • How many requests were actually received by the router?;
  • Worker processes related metrics such as the total CPU usage, memory usage and handles;
  • The organizations on which the worker processes are active;
  • How many SDK requests are received and the number of SDK requests that failed to process;
  • How many requests are received by each web service?;
  • The percentage of requests that failed;
  • How many metadata requests are received on each web service?

The Operating System, Network, TCP and Application Processes layers of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 server model are similar to that of a Windows Generic server model. Therefore, you can refer to the topics in the Unix and Windows Servers monitoring model for the details on these layers. The section to come focuses on the CRM Service layer only.