Monitoring Exchange Mailbox Servers 2013/2016

The Exchange 2013/2016 Mailbox server includes client access protocols, transport services, mailbox databases, and Unified Messaging services (the Client Access server redirects SIP traffic generated from incoming calls to the Mailbox server).

To focus on the health and overall performance of the Mailbox server and capture abnormalities, use the dedicated Microsoft Exchange Mailbox 2013/2016 monitoring model that eG Enterprise provides.

Figure 1 : Layer model of the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox 2013/2016 server


In addition to the layers shown by Figure 1, this model includes an additional Managed Availability layer. This layer is positioned above the Windows Service layer in Figure 1. As all the layers depicted by Figure 1, including the Managed Availability layer, have been already discussed in Chapter 1 of this document, we will not be repeating the discussion in this chapter.