Monitoring the Client Access Servers

eG Enterprise prescribes a specialized Microsoft Exchange CAS model for monitoring Client Access servers.


Figure 1 : The layer model of the Client Access server

Each layer of Figure 1 reports critical performance metrics extracted from the Client access server, that enable administrators to answer the following questions easily and effectively.

  • How efficient is the ActiveSync engine? Is it taking too long to process requests? How many requests to ActiveSync are still in queue?
  • Were requests to the Availability service processed quickly?
  • Were all connection requests to mailboxes serviced by the cache, or were any requests missed?
  • What is the current session load on Outlook web access (OWA)?
  • Does OWA respond swiftly to user requests?
  • Does OWA take too long to complete search requests?
  • Did any requests for web access fail?
  • Is the Exchange web server responding promptly to requests?