How eG Enterprise Monitors Microsoft Hyper-V Servers?

eG Enterprise offers two specialized monitoring models – one each for each of the distinct deployment architectures of Hyper – V. While the generic Hyper-V model is to be used for monitoring Hyper-V servers with VMs hosting server applications, the Hyper-V VDI model is ideal for virtual desktop environments.

Regardless of the model being used, eG Enterprise adopts a patented In-N-Out approach to monitoring it. This approach enables administrators to monitor the Hyper-V server inside out and determine the following:

  • The overall health of the Hyper-V host

  • The physical resource usage by the Hyper-V host and host processes

  • Whether critical Hyper-V services are available or not;

  • The availability of the Hyper-V server

  • The current status of the VMs configured on the host and the the fraction of physical resources used up by each VM, as seen from outside the VMs; this represents the “outside” view

  • The fraction of allocated resources used up by each VM; this represents the “inside” view

The broad steps for monitoring the Microsoft Hyper-V/ Hyper-V VDI are as follows:

  1. Deploy an eG agent on the target host. Refer to Agent Deployment Model

  2. Fulfill the pre-requisites for monitoring the Hyper-V. Refer to Pre-requisites for Monitoring Microsoft Hyper-V.

  3. Manage the target Hyper-V using eG administrative interface.