Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS) is a feature in the Windows Server family, including Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, and , NT4 Server. A Limited version of RAS is also included in Windows XP Professional. RAS allows remote dial-up clients to connect to a Local Area Network using analog phone lines or ISDN lines. A typical use would be by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to allow users to dial in to their LAN, or by a corporate network administrator to allow their users to connect to the corporate LAN from remote sites. The remote clients connect to RAS using the TCP/IP protocol encapsulated in the Point-to-Point (PPP) protocol, which allows the remote client to access the LAN as if they were plugged directly into it.

Needless to say, even a brief non-availability of RAS can cause critical services to go out of the reach of remote clients. Continuous monitoring of the RAS server can alone ensure a higher uptime of the RAS service. To achieve this purpose, eG Enterprise provides a 100% web-based monitoring model to continuously monitor and report on the status of Microsoft RAS.