Monitoring the Microsoft RDS License Server

eG Enterprise provides a Microsoft RDS License monitoring model that periodically monitors the usage of the licenses stored on the Microsoft RDS License server and promptly alerts administrators if the license server is about to run out of RDS CALs.


Figure 1 : Layer model of the Microsoft RDS License server

Each layer of layer model is mapped to a variety of tests that capture even the smallest of non-conformances that a Terminal license server experiences. Using the metrics reported, the following performance queries can be accurately answered:

  • Is the Microsoft RDS License server available over the network? Is it responding quickly to requests?
  • How many RDS CALs are managed by the Microsoft RDS License server per Microsoft RDS server?
  • Are too many users connecting to any particular Microsoft RDS server causing excessive usage of TS CALs?
  • Will any Microsoft RDS server require additional licenses to be installed? If so, which Microsoft RDS server is it?
  • Is any license about to expire?
  • Are there any inactive licenses? If so, which ones are they?

Since the four layers at the bottom of the layer model have already been dealt with in the Monitoring Windows and Unix Servers document, this chapter will discuss the first layer only.