Adding a User to Local Groups on the eG Agent Host

As mentioned already, the eG tests should be configured with the credentials of a user who belongs to the following groups on the eG agent host:

  • Administrators
  • Performance Monitor Users
  • Users

To add a user to these groups, do the following:

  1. Login to the system hosting the eG agent that is monitoring the SharePoint server.
  2. Click Start and right-click on the Computer option. Pick the Manage option from the shortcut menu that appears.


    Figure 1 : Managing the Computer hosting the eG agent

  3. Figure 2 will then appear. Expand the Configuration node in the left panel of ignore, expand its Local Users and Groups sub-node, and click the Groups node within. The right panel will then display all the groups configured on the eG agent host.


    Figure 2 : Viewing the groups configured on the eG agent host

  4. Browse the list of local groups to locate any of the groups listed above.
  5. Once the required group is found, click on that group in the right panel. Figure 3 will then appear listing the users in that group. To add a user to that group, click the Add button in Figure 3.


    Figure 3 : Adding a user to the local group on the eG agent host

  6. After adding the user, click the Apply and ok buttons in Figure 3 to save the changes. 
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add that user to each of the groups listed above.