The Lync Core Services Layer

Using the tests mapped to this layer, administrators can proactively detect the following:

  • Capture failed messages and when failures occurred – during message validation? in the MSMQ queue? or when written to the database?
  • Measure the quality of the A/V conference experience with the Skype for Business server;
  • Understand how well the server processes call park requests and report slowdowns;
  • Know how many users/clients are currently connected to the server, and thus gauge the current load on the server;
  • Identify dropped conference activities and unfinished tasks
  • Know how many messgaes were dropped from the message queue and how many actually failed to be written to the database;

lync core services

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the Lync Core Services layer

Let us discuss each test of this layer (see Figure 1) in the following topics;