The Lync Web Services Layer

Using the metrics reported, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following performance questions:

  • Observe address book accesses, measure the speed of these accesses, and report slowdowns;
  • Monitor the message processing ability of the server and report deficiencies;
  • How many SIP connections failed and how many are currently active?;
  • How long the distribution list take to process the requests?
  • How many times the Join launcher service failed and how many incoming requests were received by the service?
  • How many replication requests were received by the replication service and how long does the service take to process?;
  • Continuosly monitor the mobility services and figure out the successful Get Location requests, the push notifications that failed and throttled;
  • How many times the user provisioning and publish calls failed?

lync web services

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the Lync Web Services layer

Let us discuss each test of this layer in the following topics;