Data Discovery Test

This test monitors the Discovery data manager of SMS. This Data Manager discovers data about the SMS Clients (computers connected to the network and the SMS server).

Target of the test : A Microsoft SMS

Agent deploying the test : An internal agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for every Microsoft SMS server monitored

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameters Description

Test period

How often should the test be executed


The host for which the test is to be configured

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Bad data records processed

Indicates the number of bad (ill-formed or invalid) data records processed by the Discovery Data Manager.



Data records waiting in the input queue

Indicates the number of SMS Discovery data records waiting in the Discovery Manager's input queue the last time the input queue was scanned minus the number of data records processed till then.


When many data records are written to the input queue, this counter is too low until the Discovery Manager scans the input queue again. This means many data records have been processed in that period.

Total data records processed

Indicates the number of Discovery Data records processed in the last test frequency.