Monitoring Microsoft Transaction Servers

eG Enterprise provides an exclusive monitoring model for the MTS server (see Figure 1), which monitors all integral components of the MTS server, and collects a gamut of performance metrics from the server.


Figure 1 : Layer model for MTS servers

The metrics collected by the eG agent enable administrators to find answers to key performance queries such as the ones discussed below:

  • Are the critical MTS processes currently running?
  • Are the processes using up too much CPU/memory resources?
  • What is the current workload on the MTS server in terms of the number of packages currently running on it?
  • How quickly is the MTS server processing transactions?
  • Are too many transactions getting aborted too frequently?
  • How responsive is the MTS server to requests from clients?

The Operating System, Network and Tcp layers have been already discussed in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document. Above the Tcp layer is the MTS Application Processes layer. The second layer is the MTS Objects layer, and the topmost layer is the MTS Transactions layer.