Installing and Configuring the eG VM Agent

To install the eG VM agent on a guest, do the following:

  1. Double-click on the eGVMAgent.exe.
  2. Figure 1 then appears. Click on the Next button in Figure 1 to continue.


    Figure 1 : Welcome screen of the eG VM Agent installation wizard

  3. When Figure 2 appears, click on Yes to accept the displayed license agreement.


    Figure 2 : Accepting the license agreement

  4. Use the Browse button in Figure 3 to indicate the location in which the agent should be installed, and click the Next button to proceed. 


    Figure 3 : Specifying the install directory of the eG VM Agent

  5. Next, specify the port at which the VM agent listens for requests from the eG agent. The default port is 60001. After port specification, click on the Next button in Figure 4 to proceed.


    Figure 4 : Specifying the VM agent port

  6. A summary of your specifications then follows (see Figure 5). Click Next to proceed.


    Figure 5 : A summary of your specifications

  7. Finally, click the Finish button in Figure 6 to complete the installation.


    Figure 6 : Finishing the installation

After installing the VM agent, you need to configure the eG agent to communicate with the eG VM agent for inside-view metrics. For this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Login to the eG manager host.
  • Edit the eg_tests.ini file in the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\manager\config directory.
  • The WmiInsideViewPort parameter in the [agent_settings] section of the file is set to 60001 by default. If the eG VM agent’s port is changed at the time of installation, then you will have to ensure that this parameter reflects the new port. Therefore, change the default port specification accordingly.
  • Save the file.

Once installed and configured, the eG VM agent starts automatically and begins listening for requests at the configured port. The eG agent, when configured to use the eG VM agent for obtaining the “inside view” (i.e., if the Inside View Using flag is set to eG VM Agent (Windows) for the “inside view” tests), polls every eG VM agent at configured intervals for the “inside view” metrics. Upon receipt of request from the eG agent, the eG VM agent extracts the desired metrics from the Windows VM, which are then downloaded by the eG agent and reported to the eG manager.