Monitoring the MongoDB Cluster

eG Enterprise offers a special-purpose monitoring model for the Mongo DB Cluster with the help of which administrators can keep a constant check on the availability and overall performance of the cluster.

Figure 1 depicts the layer model of a Mongo DB Cluster.

Figure 1 : The layer model of a MongoDB Cluster Component

Each layer of Figure 1 above is mapped to tests that provide deep insights into how the MongoDB cluster server manages connections to it, cluster availability, number of nodes, replication status, connections and in the process provides effective pointers to how the server can be fine-tuned to perform better.

The metrics reported by these tests help answer the following performance questions:

  • Is the target MongoDB clustered? If so, what is the type of cluster?

  • Is the balancer enabled and running?

  • Is the MongoDB cluster node up and running? If so, what is its current status?

  • Is connection to the target node available? Is there a delay in connecting to the target node?

  • Are there adequate free connections to the target node?

  • Are all databases available? Which database is presently unavailable?

  • Is any database slow in processing queries? If so, which one is it?

  • Has a primary node in a replica set failed over to the secondary node?

  • Is any member node in a replica set not running currently?

  • Is the replication time lag abnormally high between the primary and secondary?