Customizing Live Graphs

The width, color, dimension, and background of the graphs displayed in the live graph display page can be configured using the eg_ui.ini file in the <eg_install_dir>\manager\config directory. The [live_graph] section in the eg_ui.ini file lists the following parameters and their default values:











The linewidth parameter defines the width of the lines in a graph. By default, this is set to 2.

You can also configure the colors that each of the lines in a measure graph should take. A measure graph can plot a maximum of 8 sets of measurements, where 1 set corresponds to current measures, and the remaining 7 sets are historic data. Accordingly, a measure graph displayed in the live graph display page can consist of a maximum of 8 line graphs. Using the samplecolors parameter in the eg_ui.ini file, you can specify the color of each of the 8 line graphs displayed in the live graph display page, as a comma-separated list. The first color specification in the comma-separated list will correspond to the graph of current measures, and this will be followed by the colors for each of the past measure graphs.

Setting the 3dmodeon flag to true will ensure that the graphs displayed are 3-dimensional. To view 2-dimensional graphs, set the 3dmodeon flag to false. If 3D graphs are enabled, then you can indicate the depth of these graphs using the 3ddepth parameter. By default, this is set to 4.

To change the background of the graphs, set the background and chartbackground parameters to a color of your choice. Similarly, to change the foreground of the graphs, change the color specification against the foreground and the chartforeground parameters. By default, both will be set to black.