Deletion History

Typically, in large, multi-user environments, multiple users may be granted the privilege to monitor a single component. In such environments, any of these users can delete an alarm raised on that component without the knowledge of the others, thereby causing confusion. To avoid this confusion, eG Enterprise provides users with the ability to track the deleted alarms.

The event history page for instance has been embedded with the intelligence to indicate whether a past alarm was deleted or not. Sometimes, you might want to view the details of all alarms that were deleted by a particular user. Similarly, you might want to view only the details of those alarms that were deleted during the last 24 hours. Since the event history page allows you to search based on general alarm information alone and not on deleted alarms, this page cannot be used for performing the search operations mentioned above.

To zoom into the details of specific deleted alarms therefore, eG Enterprise offers a dedicated deletion history page (see Figure 1). This page provides a variety of filter options using which you can quickly access the alarm deletion details that you may require.

Figure 1 : The DELETION HISTORY page

To access this page, Click on the icon available in the Monitor tab. Then, select the History of Deletion option in the Alarms tile. When Figure 1 appears, you can use any of the filter options discussed below to quickly retrieve the deleted alarm information that you are looking for.

  • To view the details of all deleted alarms related to a particular component type, pick a Type from the list box in Figure 1.
  • To view the details of those deleted alarms that pertained to a particular component, select an option from the Component list in Figure 1.
  • If you want to view all the alarms deleted by a particular user, then pick an option from the User list.
  • By default, the History of deletions page provides the details of all the alarms that were deleted during the last 24 hours. Accordingly, the Timeline is set to 24 hours by default. If need be, you can change this Timeline, so that the page displays only those alarms that were deleted during the specified timeline.
  • You can even indicate how many deleted alarm records need to be displayed per page by picking an option from the Records per page list.
  • Finally, click on the Show Details button.
  • The resulting report then provides the alarm deletion history that fulfills the specified conditions (see Figure 1). 

While you can save the report as a CSV file by clicking on the icon in Figure 1, you can save the same as a PDF document by clicking on the icon.