Quick Insight

Often administrators may wish to track the values of certain key metrics in a single dashboard, so that they can proactively determine when the IT infrastructure may need attention. The metrics to be tracked may differ from one administrator to another. The eG Quick Insight offers an easy way for administrators to quickly track key metrics at each of the infrastructure tiers. With the help of this option, users can define infrastructure tiers to be monitored, add critical components for monitoring within each tier, and associate key metrics requiring closer observation with every component. Besides providing a holistic view of the environment at a single glance, this option enables users to focus on the more sensitive and critical components in the environment, and keep a close watch over their performance.

To build a custom view for monitoring, the following broad steps need to be followed:

Create a new view and define the layout of the view

  • Add infrastructure tiers to the view
  • Add servers to a tier
  • Associate metrics with the servers

The sections to come will discuss each of these steps in detail.