Why Monitor Mosquitto MQTT?

The high availability of topics and messages and the balancing of load across brokers are some of the reasons why Mosquitto MQTT brokers are widely used in mission-critical environments today. In such environments, sudden unavailability of the broker, irregularities in load balancing of topics, and slowness in delivery of messages, can significantly delay inter-application communication, badly hit user productivity, and negatively impact both user experience and revenue. To avoid this, administrators must closely monitor the availability and overall performance of the Mosquitto MQTT, proactively detect anomalies, and promptly initiate measures to pre-empt them. This is where eG Enterprise helps!

eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring Mosquitto MQTT out-of-the-box. eG's intelligent agents can instantly detect and promptly alert administrators to issues in the uptime and performance of the MQTT by measuring the data sent/received through Publish mode and the messages sent/received on topics. This topic details how eG Enterprise monitors the Mosquitto MQTT and what metrics it reports.