Managing the MySQL Server

eG Enterprise is capable of auto-discovering the MySQL servers in the environment. The discovered server can be managed using the eG admin interface. The procedure for achieving this is discussed below:

  1. Login to the eG administrative interface as an administrator (admin).
  2. Check whether the MySQL server has been auto-discovered. If not, run discovery using the DISCOVERY page (Infrastructure -> Components -> Discover) or manually add the server using the COMPONENTS page (Infrastructure -> Components -> Add/Modify). The eG Enterprise automatically manages the manually added components. The discovered components however, need to go through a manual management exercise, using the COMPONENTS - MANAGE/UNMANAGE page (Infrastructure -> Components -> Manage/unmanage). This process is depicted by Figure 1 and Figure 2 below.

    Figure 1 : Selecting the MySQL server to be managed

    Figure 2 : Managing  the MySQL server

  3. Click the Update button to manage the discovered MySQL server.

Configuring the tests

  1. When you try to sign out of the user interface, you will be prompted to configure a list of tests for the managed MySQL server (see Figure 3).

    Figure 3 : List of unconfigured tests for the MySQL server

  2. Click on the tests to configure. To know the configuration parameters of the tests and the metrics that the tests report, refer to Monitoring MySQL Servers chapter.
  3. Finally signout from the eG administrative interface.