The NetApp filer is a storage networking system built on the Data ONTAP operating system. It provides simultaneous file system access to UNIX, NT, and Web-based servers and clients using various file system access protocols like NFS, CIFS etc. Capable of handling terabytes of data, the NetApp Filer serves as a reliable and scalable storage solution for large enterprises and service providers.

For the NetApp Filer to provide storage services without any interruptions, the hardware on the filer should remain fault-free, adequate storage resources should be available on the filer, the load on the filer should be kept optimal, and most importantly, the file system access protocols should operate normally. In order to ensure this, all the above-mentioned performance-impacting factors should be kept under a constant check – in other words, should be continuously monitored. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers a specialized monitoring model for continuously tracking the performance of the NetApp Filer.