The Network Appliance Netcache line of products is a fully scalable suite of appliances and security systems designed to tackle the problems of Web content delivery and regulation.

NetApp NetCache appliances addresses the three major challenges facing Web service operators today:

  • Internet security. The NetCache products form the basis of the NetApp Internet Access and Security (IAS) solution, allowing Internet security capabilities that are crucial to maintaining a secure and properly regulated environment. These include proxy, caching, access control, content filtering, Web antivirus, SSL scanning, IM and P2P blocking, antispam, and reporting.
  • Web content and application acceleration. The NetCache appliances reduce delays, bandwidth usage, and server load to improve delivery of Web content and Web-based applications such as ERP and CRM systems.
  • Video delivery. The NetCache appliances help to improve on the delivery quality of online training resources, executive video broadcasts, and large-scale video-on-demand services.

This simply means that IT service operators manning critical Web-based services will not tolerate even the slighest of disturbances in the performance of the NetCache appliances, as it can cause serious security breaches, escalate bandwidth usage and related costs, and kill the quality of video broadcasts, thereby severely damaging the user experience with the service.

If such an outcome is to be avoided, the NetCache appliances should be constantly monitored. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators!