Monitoring NetBackup

eG Enterprise offers an exclusive NetBackup monitoring model (see Figure 1), which keeps tabs on the backup and restore operations performed by the appliance, and reports deviations much before they impact the performance of the server as a whole, or the dependent service.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the NetBackup

The metrics reported by the tests associated with the above-layers will accurately answer the following queries:

  • How many tasks are grouped under a particular status code?
  • Is the backup process interrupted/slowed down by the occurrence of errors; if so, how many?
  • What is the size of files backed up for each backup scheduler type?
  • How many files are hold from backing up for each backup scheduler type?
  • Which media server is attached to maximum number of active media drives?
  • How many fullbackup media drives are attached to each media server?
  • Is any media server attached with more number of suspended/inactive media drives?

The bottom 4 layers of the layer model have been discussed elaborately in the Monitoring Windows and Unix Servers since these layers are similar to that of the Windows Generic Server model. The NetBackup layer is specific to the NetBackup appliance and mapped with the tests that measure performance of the appliance.