NetFlow is a network protocol developed by Cisco in order to collect and monitor IP network traffic. It has now become the de-facto industry standard and is supported by platforms other than Cisco including; Juniper (Jflow); 3Com/HP, Dell and Netgear (sFlow); Huawei (NetStream); Alcatel-Lucent (Cflow); and Ericsson (Rflow).

NetFlow-enabled devices export traffic statistics as NetFlow records. Using a NetFlow Collector, these NetFlow records can be intercepted and processed. A NetFlow Analyzer/Aggregator can then be used to analyze the processed data and provide actionable information to administrators on traffic flow, source, destination, and traffic volume.

eG Enterprise supports Netflow monitoring. By providing proprietary tools for collecting, processing, and analyzing NetFlow records transmitted by NetFlow-enabled devices in the environment, eG Enterprise delivers in-depth insights into traffic sources, destinations, applications/protocols engaged in network conversations, the volume of data exchanged over the network, and bandwidth used. With the help of this information, administrators can find quick and accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • Which are the top sources in terms of traffic volume or bandwidth usage?
  • Which are the top destinations in terms of traffic volume or bandwidth usage?
  • Which are the top applications/protocols in terms of traffic volume or bandwidth usage?
  • Which two hosts are engaged in a bandwidth-intensive conversation over the network?
  • Is any site seeing abnormally high data traffic?
  • Are key sources and destinations consuming bandwidth optimally?

Let us begin by understanding how the eG Enterprise performs NetFlow monitoring.