Monitoring NFS on Linux Servers

To monitor Network File Systems on Linux servers, the eG Enterprise system offers a NFS Linux server monitoring model.

Layer Model of NFS Linux Server

Figure 1 : The NFS Linux server monitoring model

This model monitors the RPC calls received by the NFS, captures call failures, and also hints at what could have caused such failures, thereby enabling administrators to quickly find answers to the following questions:

  • Is the NFS server available over the network?
  • Has the server been sized to adequate CPU, memory, and disk space?
  • Is TCP connectivity to the server good?
  • Are all critical server processes up and running?
  • Are clients able to communicate with the server, or is any critical TCP/UDP port of communication unavailable on the server?
  • Is the RPC request load on the server very high?
  • Have any RPC requests to the server failed?
  • Were any corrupted RPC requests noticed?

The sections that will follow discuss the first layer of the monitoring model as other layers have already been discussed in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document.