The Nexenta Storage Appliance, or NexentaStor, is a software-based network-attached storage (NAS) or storage-attached network (SAN) solution. NexentaStor supports file and block storage and a variety of advanced storage features, such as replication between various storage systems and virtually unlimited snapshots and file sizes.

NexentaStor delivers richly-featured software on a software appliance. You can use NexentaStor to manage primary storage in NAS/SAN-based deployments, or to manage second-tier storage for backup.

Owing to this flexibility in usage, the NexentaStor appliance is the preferred storage services provider in many mission-critical environments. In such environments, the storage appliance has to perform at its best at all times, so that the delivery of the critical business services that overlay the IT environment is not impacted. This is why, any deviation from normal behavior – be it the sudden unavailability of an actively used volume, or slowdown in I/O processing of the appliance or the lack of storage space – should be proactively captured by the storage administrator and promptly resolved. This is where eG Enterprise helps!