The Nimble Storage network services appliance provides reliable, scalable, and secure core network services including DNS (Domain Name System), DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), IPAM (IP Address Management), IF-MAP, and more. The integrated Nimble Storage approach combines the simplicity of appliances with the power of advanced distributed database technology to control and automate services while achieving availability, manageability, visibility, and control unparalleled by conventional solutions based on legacy technologies. The Nimble Storage appliance can be configured and managed through an easy to use Nimble Storage GUI (Graphical User Interface) that works seamlessly in Windows, Linux and Mac environments using standard web browsers.

Nimble Storage arrays efficiently store and serve up data fast enough to satisfy even the most demanding applications, from Microsoft SQL Server to VDI. Using flash SSDs to dynamically cache hot data to accelerate reads and leveraging a write-optimized data layout to speed up data written to storage, Nimble delivers more IOPS than traditional storage at proven sub-millisecond latencies (measured across Nimble’s installed base).

Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) is the foundation for Nimble Storage’s high performance and capacity savings, integrated data protection, and easy lifecycle management.

CASL features include:

Flash-Based Dynamic Cache

Accelerate read access to application data by holding a copy of active “hot” data in flash; customers benefit from high read throughput and low latency.

Write-Optimized Data Layout

Data written by a host is first aggregated or coalesced, then written sequentially as a full stripe to a pool of disk; CASL’s sweeping process also consolidates freed up disk space for future writes. Customers benefit from fast sub-millisecond writes and very efficient disk utilization.

Inline Universal Compression

30 to 75 percent with no added latency; customers gain much more usable disk capacity with zero performance impact.

Instantaneous Point-in-Time Snapshots

Fast restores without copying data; customers benefit from a single, simple storage solution for primary and secondary data, frequent and instant backups, and significant capacity savings.

Efficient Integrated Replication

Only copy compressed, changed data to a secondary site at a pre-set schedule; customers benefit from affordable disaster recovery.

Zero-Copy Clones

Created instantly, customers get great space efficiency and performance on cloned volumes, making them ideal for virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and test and development environments.