Nokia IPSO firewall appliance is built based on the IPSO operating system, which was developed from a branch of the FreeBSD operating system, with numerous hardening features applied. This basis makes the Nokia IPSO firewall very stable and more secure to the environments. Nokia IPSO firewall helps organizations that are determined to keep control over their network resources from endlessly increasing security threats. The IPSO firewall reliably protects the environment, provides the ability to sustain the malicious attacks and assures the data confidentiality, integrity and availability of the resources in the environment.

As the firewall plays a very sensitive role in the environment, the uninterrupted firewall operation is imperative to keep the hackers and security attacks at bay. Any issue in the configuration, state, or resource usage of the firewall can stall its operations, leaving your network and all mission-critical applications operating within defence against malicious threats and unscrupulous users! It is hence important that the performance of the Nokia IPSO firewall is monitored 24x7. This can be easily done using a specialized monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise.