General Pre-requisites

  • Enable the remote agent to communicate with the eG manager port (default: 7077).

  • Ensure that the remote agent, if installed on a Windows host, runs using domain administrator privileges.

  • Ensure that the remote agent has IP connectivity to the Nutanix Prism Element.

  • Ensure that the remote agent has web access to the webport (port 9440, by default) configured for the Nutanix Prism Element.

  • All the tests that the remote agent executes should be configured with the IP address of the Nutanix Prism Element, and the name and password of a user who is assigned a Viewer role on the Prism Element. It is recommended that you create a special user for this purpose on the Prism Element and assign the Viewer role to him/her. The steps for creating such a user are as follows:

    • Open a browser and connect to the Prism Element console using the URL: http://<Prism_console_IP>:<Prism_Port>/console. If the Prism is SSL-enabled, then the URL will be: https://<Prism_console_IP>:<Prism_Port>/console

    • Login to the console as a Cluster administrator or User administrator.

    • Figure 1 will then appear.

      Figure 1 : The Prism console

    • In the console tool bar, click on the down-arrow next to the tool to view the menu depicted by Figure 2. From the menu, choose the User Management option.

      Figure 2 : Choosing the User Management option

    • Figure 3 will then appear. Click the New User button in Figure 3 to create a new user.

      Figure 3 : List of users who are already registered with Prism

    • When Figure 4 appears, provide the details of the new user.

      Figure 4 : Providing the details of the new user

    • When configuring the new user, make sure that the User Administrator and Cluster Administrator check boxes in Figure 4 are deselected. This is because, any user who is not assigned either of these roles will automatically assume the Viewer role.

    • Finally, click the Save button in Figure 4 to save the changes.

    • Figure 5 will then appear, wherein you can see that the new user has been successfully added, and that the Viewer role has been automatically assigned to this user.

      Figure 5 : The new user's listing

    • To monitor the Nutanix AHV server v5.5, the JRE 1.8 should be available on the target server.