How eG Enterprise Monitors Nutanix AHV?

eG Enterprise employs its tried, tested, and patented 'In-N-Out' monitoring approach to monitor the Nutanix AHV server.

Once a Nutanix AHV sxerver is managed, eG Enterprise starts to track the performance of the hypervisor and all the VMs hosted on it. REST API calls to the AHV hypervisor are used to track the performance and utilization of the hypervisor resources. VMs running on the hypervisor are auto-discovered and their relative resource usage patterns are tracked to identify resource consuming VMs (the outside view of the VMs). At the same time, the same eG monitor that monitors the hypervisors also connects to each of the VMs and obtains an inside view of each VM that highlights the applications/processes running in the VMs that are responsible for the resource usage.

Figure 1 : How eG Enterprise monitors Nutanix AHV