Configuring Tests for the Nutanix Acropolis Server

Once the Acropolis server is managed in eG, sign out of the eG administrative interface. When doing so, you will be prompted to manually configure the tests associated with the Acropolis server.

Figure 1 : The list of unconfigured tests for the Acropolis server

Click on any test to configure it. Say, you click on the Disk Activity - VM test to configure it. Figure 2 will then appear. Click on each of the parameters in the figure below to know how to configure it.

Figure 2 : Configuring the Disk Activity - VM test

Finally, click the Update button to save the test configuration. Configuring a single test will automatically configure all other Acropolis tests. You can now sign out of the eG administrative interface, and then log into the eG monitor interface to view the layer model of the Nutanix Acropolis server and the performance metrics reported by the tests mapped to each layer. For details regarding the same, refer to the Monitoring the Nutanix Acropolis Server topic.