Configuring Tests for the Microsoft Office 365 Component

After adding a Microsoft Office 365 component, click the Sign out button at the right, top corner of the eG admin interface to exit that interface. Doing so will invoke the list of tests that need to be manually configured for the managed Office 365 component.

Figure 1 : List of tests to be manually configured for Microsoft Office 365

Click on any of the tests in Figure 1 to configure it. Say, you want to configure the Distribution Groups test. Clicking on that test in Figure 1 will open Figure 2.

Figure 2 : Configuring the Distribution Groups test

With the help of the Distribution Groups test, administrators can easily and efficiently audit distribution groups. For each DG type (Universal and SecurityEnabled), this test reports the count and details of new, deleted, and modified groups of that type. Additionally, empty groups and orphaned groups are also brought to the attention of administrators. This way, administrators can identify groups that may have to be assigned new owners and groups that are still awaiting members.

To know what parameters this test takes and how to configure it, refer to the Distribution Groups Test topic. Once the test is configured, click the Update button in Figure 2 to save the test configuration. Finally, sign out of the eG admin interface.