Monitoring the OpenVPN Access Server

eG Enterprise has designed a specialized OpenVPN Access server monitoring model (see Figure 1), which periodically monitors the server and reports the administrators with effective pointers to the utilization of the licenses, and the users who are currently connected to the server and their data transmission. The following queries too can be easily clarified by monitoring the server:

  • How many users are actually connected to the OpenVPN Access server?
  • Are there adequate licenses available for users? If so, How many are available totally and how many are left for users in future?
  • How long has a user been active over the network through the OpenVPN Access server? Which user is hogging the bandwidth of the network when data is transmitted/received?

layer model

Figure 1 : The layer model of the OpenVPN Access server

Since the tests pertaining to the Operating System, Network, TCP and Application Processes layer of the OpenVPN Access Server model have been dealt with in theUnix and Windows Servers Monitoring Model, The OpenVPN Service Layer focuses on the tests associated with the OpenVPN Service layer alone.