What is OpenStack Controller?

OpenStack Controller runs the Identity service, Image service, management portions of Compute, management portion of Networking, various Networking agents, and the dashboard. The controller also includes supporting services such as an SQL database, message queue, and NTP. Optionally, the controller node runs portions of the Block Storage, Object Storage, Orchestration, and Telemetry services. The controller node requires a minimum of two network interfaces.

Why to Monitor OpenStack Controller?

OpenStack controller is a crucial component of an OpenStack cloud environment since it is responsible for managing and orchestrating the various services and resources within the OpenStack infrastructure. Any issues related to the controller or the services offered by the controller may grossly hamper the delivery of services to OpenStack infrastructure. This in can significantly degrade the user experience with the OpenStack infrastructure. To avoid such adversities, the OpenStack Controller should be continuously monitored. This can be easily achieved using the specialized monitoring model offered by eG Enterprise.