What is OpenStack KVM?

OpenStack is the most popular open source cloud computing platform that enables the management of distributed compute, network and storage resources in the data center. In general, OpenStack aggregates physical resources into a big pool and allocates virtual resources from this pool to users who can request them on-demand through a self-service portal or application programming interfaces (APIs). OpenStack itself does not handle virtualization instead it wraps around the KVM hypervisor providing visualization capabilities and enables fully automated provisioning of VMs through a self-service portal. OpenStack is a cost-effective extension of the existing public cloud infrastructure and a reasonable alternative to proprietary visualization solutions. It enables organizations to optimize their cloud costs and service providers to build an infrastructure competitive to hyperscalers.

Why to Monitor OpenStack KVM?

Nowadays, many organizations are rapidly adopting a cloud-based virtual, simple-to-use and cost-effective solution like OpenStack KVM hypervisors from their on-premises setup. OpenStack enables administrators to easily create and manage virtual machine instances on the hypervisor through the OpenSatck Controller services. Administrators can deliver critical business services using virtual machine instances hosted on the hypervisors. Owing to these dependencies, a resource crunch experienced by the hypervisor and the virtual machine instances can seriously affect the quality of the business service / user experience with the target hypervisor. To avoid this, 24 x 7 monitoring of the resource usage by the target hypervisor and virtual machine instances on the hypervisor is imperative. For this purpose, eG Enterprise offers an exclusive monitoring model for monitoring the OpenStack KVM hypervisor.