Oracle Application Server offers a comprehensive solution for developing, integrating, and deploying applications, portals, and Web services. Based on a powerful and scalable J2EE server, Oracle Application Server provides complete business integration and business intelligence suites, and best-of-breed portal software. Further, it is designed for grid computing and full lifecycle support for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

In order to ensure that the quality of the business-critical services supported by the Oracle Application server does not suffer due to incapacities of the application server, it is essential that the server is monitored 24 x 7, and its performance fine-tuned to meet the demands of the service users.

eG Enterprise offers specialized monitoring models for Oracle Application Server 9i and 10G, etc. A plethora of metrics relating to the health of the application servers can be monitored in real-time and alerts can be generated based on user-defined thresholds or auto-computed baselines. These  metrics enable administrators to quickly and accurately determine server availability and responsiveness, resource usage at the host-level and at the application server level, how well the application server processes requests, how quickly the server completes transactions, overall server security, etc.