An important component of the Oracle Internet Platform is the Oracle Forms Server. This application server is optimized to deploy Oracle Forms applications in a multi-tiered environment. It delivers the application infrastructure and the event model to ensure that Internet-based Forms applications automatically scale and perform over any network.

Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Forms Services provide a complete application framework for optimal deployment of Oracle Forms applications on the Internet. The Oracle Forms Developer enables business developers to build Java applications that are optimized for the Internet without writing any Java code. This developer is specifically designed and optimized to build transactional database applications for the Oracle8i/9i database. It integrates with the Oracle Designer to visually capture business requirements and transform them into physical designs. Using Oracle Forms Developer, you can customize Oracle's pre-packaged applications, to suit the needs of your organization.

It is therefore evident that even the slightest of disturbances in the overall performance or internal operation of the Oracle Forms server, can adversely impact the scalability and network compatability of the Forms applications it supports. If such an eventuality is to be prevented, then it is recommended that you continuously monitor the Oracle Forms server for any minor/major deviations. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators to continuously monitor the Oracle Forms server.