Monitoring Oracle LDoms

eG Enterprise presents a specialized Oracle LDoms (see Figure 1) monitoring model that proposes a patented ‘In-N-Out’ approach to monitoring Oracle LDoms. In this approach, the eG agent is deployed on the control or primary domain of the Oracle LDoms server, and is configured to extract critical resource-usage metrics pertaining to the Oracle host, primary domain, and guest domains. The metrics so collected reveal the following:

  • The resource usage of the physical server – i.e., the Oracle host and the control domain

  • The resource usage of each of the logical domains in relation to the physical resources available at the host-level (i.e., the “outside” view)

  • The usage of allocated resources (i.e., virtual resources) by the guests (i.e., the “inside” view)


Figure 1 : The layer model of a Oracle LDoms server

Each layer depicted by Figure 1 above reports a wide variety of statistics, which enable administrators to find quick and accurate answers for the following questions:

  • Is the Oracle server available over the network? If so, how quickly is it responding to requests?

  • Are any resource-intensive processes executing on the Oracle host? Does the host have adequate physical CPU and memory resources to support the guest domains configured on it?

  • What percentage of the physical resources have been allocated to the guest domains?

  • How effectively is the primary domain utilizing the allocated CPU and memory resources? Are any CPU/memory-intensive processes executing on the primary domain? If so, what are they?

  • Are the primary domain’s processes draining the physical CPU resources?

  • How many logical domains are running, what is the IP address of each guest domain, which operating system is each guest domain running on, and when was the guest domain powered on?

  • Which guest is consuming the physical CPU resources excessively?

  • Have sufficient CPU and memory resources been allocated to the logical domains?

  • Is any guest consuming too much CPU/memory/disk space?

  • Which is the busiest guest in terms of incoming TCP connections?