Pre-requisites for Monitoring the Oracle VDI Broker in an Agent-based Manner

In case of an agent-based approach, the following pre-requisites need to be fulfilled to enable the eG agent to run the VDA commands:

  1. A sudo package has to be installed on the broker host; to install this package, do the following:

    • Login to the Solaris system hosting the broker as a root user.
    • To download the sudo package, connect to the URL:

    • If the Solaris processor is Intel based, download the file TCMsudo-1.8.2-i386.pkg.gz from the web site mentioned above. On the other hand, if the Solaris host uses a SPARC processor instead, download the file TCMsudo-1.8.2-sparc.pkg.gz from the web site.
    • Download the chosen file to any location on the broker host (say, /tmp).
    • From the Solaris prompt, switch to the directory hosting the downloaded package and unzip the compressed package using the following command:

      gunzip <package_name>

      For instance:

      gunzip TCMsudo-1.8.2-sparc.pkg.gz

    • Then, install the package by issuing the following command at the prompt:

      pkgadd  -d <package name>

      For instance:

      pkgadd –d TCMsudo-1.8.2-sparc.pkg

    • Once installation is complete, you will find that the package is installed in the /usr/local/ folder on the Solaris host.
  2. All the tests run by the eG agent should be configured with the full path to the install directory of the sudo package;