Monitoring Oracle VM Servers

Figure 1 depicts the Oracle VM Server model that eG Enterprise offers.

Figure 1 : The layer model of the Oracle VM Server

Each layer is mapped to variety of tets to obtan inside and outside views of the Oracle VM servers. Using the inside and outside views, administrators can find quick and accurate answers for the following performance queries:

  • How many guest VMs are running on each Oracle VM server, what is the IP address of each of guests, what operating system is each guest running, and when was the guest powered on?

  • Is the web services interface accessible? If so, how quickly can it be accessed?

  • How much memory is allocated to each guest and does each guest VM have sufficient free memory?

  • Is the control domain consuming resources optimally?

  • Does the Oracle VM server have sufficient memory available to support the guest VMs that it is hosting?

  • What is the CPU utilization of the Oracle VM server and which of the guest VMs is taking up excessive CPU?

  • Which application(s) running on each of the guest VMs is taking CPU, memory, and disk resources?

  • Is there sufficient disk space in each of the disk partitions of the guest operating system?

  • Which of the guests is seeing the highest and lowest network traffic?

  • Is there excessive queuing for disk access on any of the guest VMs?