Monitoring the Oracle VirtualBox

The specialized Oracle VirtualBox monitoring model addresses all the requirements outlined above and more! This 100%, web-based solution employs a single eG agent to perform detailed 'In-N-Out' monitoring of the virtual desktops operating on an Oracle VirtualBox.

Figure 1 depicts the monitoring model of the Oracle VirtualBox.


Figure 1 : The layer model of the Oracle VirtualBox

Each layer of Figure 2.1 is mapped to a wide variety of tests that report a wealth of performance tests using which administrators can find quick and accurate answers to the following performance queries:

  • How many desktops are powered on simultaneously on the VirtualBox?
  • Which users are logged on and when did each user login?
  • How much CPU, memory, disk and network resources is each desktop taking?
  • What is the typical duration of a user session?
  • Who has the peak usage times?
  • What applications are running on each desktop?
  • Which VirtualBox is a virtual guest running on?
  • When was a guest moved from a VirtualBox? Which VirtualBox was the guest moved to?
  • Why was the guest migrated? What activities on the VirtualBox caused the migration?