Why Monitor PacketShaper Load Balancer S-Series?

To ensure that your network is running at its optimal efficiency, it is important to monitor the PacketShaper Load Balancer S-Series at all times. To aid in this exercise, eG Enterprise offers a dedicated PacketShaper Load Balancer S-Series monitoring model.

This model alerts administrators to real and potential issues in the performance of the PacketShaper Load Balancer S- Series by highlighting the following:

  • The status of the hardware components such as fans and power supply units;

  • Status of sensors such as temperature and voltage;

  • The bandwidth of the data passing to/from traffic classes, partitions and links.

This way, eG Enterprise ensures smooth functioning of the hardware components and also helps in timely resolution of issues identified with respect to data transfer to and from traffic classes, partitions and links. This systematic approach paves way for peak performance of the load balancers at all times.