The Palo Alto firewall - a next generation firewall prevents threats, and safely enables applications, across a versatile set of high-performance use cases (e.g., Internet Gateway, DC, and SP environments). This firewall is based on a consistent Single Pass architecture which when implemented on both physical and virtual appliances is designed to secure these appliances from malicious threats and attacks. The Palo Alto firewall attempts to fully classify the traffic passing through the firewall i.e., this single pass architecture allows for precise and flexible control of traffic based on: applications, users and the information content of the traffic i.e., sensitive data patterns and a variety of other context. The single pass architecture's scan it all scan it once approach enables high security to the organization.

Uninterrupted firewall operations are imperative to keep hackers and harmful viruses at bay. Any issue in the configuration, state, or resource usage of the firewall can bring its operations to a halt, leaving your network and all mission-critical applications operating within defenceless against malicious viruses and unscrupulous users! It is hence important that the performance of the firewall is monitored 24x7. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators.