Peplink WAN Router is an ideal single - box solution for medium to large business environments, and allows service providers to enable highly available multi-network services without any complexity. The Peplink WAN Router provides the VPN bonding feature using which administrators can aggregate multiple Internet links into a single bonded data-pipe that is budget-friendly and easily configurable to suit any networking environment. By aggregating the links in the environment, administrators can handle the most demanding traffic without lags or downtime. As a result, the bandwidth for data/packet transmission and transmission speed are increased across office sites.

Excessive packet traffic can choke the Peplink WAN Router, thereby significantly slowing down packet transmission. Similarly, very low unused memory/CPU on the router can also affect the speed with which the router transmits data. Since unavailability of access points, WAN failures, VPN profiles, and delays can cause prolonged outages and cost an enterprise money and reputation, continuous operation and good health of the router is of great importance. It is therefore imperative to monitor the resource usage and the traffic to and from the router, so that any sudden increase in load or erosion of resources can be instantly detected, and remedial action can be initiated immediately. This can be easily achieved using eG Enterprise!